part1 [ part ] noun, quantifier ***
▸ 1 piece/section/aspect
▸ 2 region/district
▸ 3 some but not all
▸ 4 member of group
▸ 5 person played by actor
▸ 6 involvement in something
▸ 7 section of book/play
▸ 8 in music
▸ 9 relative quantity
▸ 10 in hair
1. ) count one of the pieces, sections, aspects, etc. that something consists of:
It was a pretty boring class, but the part about using spreadsheets was quite useful.
I didn't mind the written paper that's the easy part.
part of: The top part of the shoe is made of leather.
the early part of the nineteenth century
Memory loss is a normal part of the aging process.
essential/crucial/vital/important part: School inspection is a vital part of the education system.
as part of something: There's a concert tonight as part of a week of celebrations for the Queen's birthday.
a ) a piece or area of the body:
part of the body/body part: The knee is the most frequently injured part of the body.
b ) one of the smaller individual pieces that a machine or vehicle is made of:
a factory that makes automobile parts
We're waiting for a part to come from Germany.
2. ) count a region of a country or district of a city:
There will be heavy rain today in most parts.
part of: This is one of the nicest parts of San Francisco.
She came from a remote part of China.
a ) parts plural OLD-FASHIONED a place or area:
these parts: This is the worst summer we've had in these parts for over a century.
3. ) count or uncount some but not all of something:
part of: Part of what the kids had to do was compare different poems.
We walked part of the way, then took a bus.
be (only) part of the problem/story/reason etc.: Planning experts say outdated transportation systems are only part of the city's problem.
in parts: The novel is funny in parts.
4. ) count one of the members of a group of people or things that together form a single unit:
part of: He liked the feeling of being part of the team.
Joel felt like part of the family.
5. ) count the person played by an actor in a movie, play, or television program:
She'd be really good for that part.
play the part of someone: I've been asked to play the part of the evil stepmother in the school play.
a ) the words spoken by an actor playing a particular person in a movie, play, or television program:
You've had weeks to learn the part and you still don't know it.
She had a small part in a TV drama.
6. ) singular the way in which someone is involved in an activity or event and the effect they have on what happens:
someone's part in something: Lewinsky was questioned about her part in the scandal.
He was jailed for 10 years for his part in a serious fraud.
7. ) count a section of a book, magazine, play, television series, etc.:
The regulations are contained in Part 3 of Chapter 2.
a new 12-part drama starting tonight on HBO
8. ) count the music that is written for a particular type of instrument or voice in a group of different types of instruments or voices:
the violin part
9. ) count a particular quantity used for measuring equal amounts of different substances to form a mixture:
Use a mixture of one part milk to four parts water.
10. ) count AMERICAN a line on your head that you make by brushing or COMBING your hair in two different directions. British parting
be part and parcel of something
to be an aspect of something that has to be accepted:
These little arguments were part and parcel of their relationship.
the better/best part of something
almost all of something, especially a period of time:
It has taken us the better part of two days to do this job.
for the most part
in most cases or generally:
There were a few complaints, but for the most part people seemed to enjoy themselves.
for someone's part FORMAL
used for emphasizing who you are referring to in a statement about something:
For my part, I would prefer to continue with the current plan.
Napoleon's army was weakened and the British, for their part, were eager to attack.
have a part to play (in something)
to be involved in influencing the development of a situation:
We all have a part to play in fighting the battle against crime.
have/play a part (in something)
to be involved in a particular situation or activity and influence its development:
They have worked very hard, but luck has played a part too.
The media, as always, played an important part in the election campaign.
in part
to some degree:
The accidents were due in part to the bad weather.
look/dress the part
to have an appearance or wear clothing that is usual or expected for a particular situation, activity, or job
on someone's part/on the part of someone
done or experienced by someone:
a lack of judgment on his part
a mistake on the part of the authorities
part of me/him etc.
used for saying that you are not completely sure about what you think or feel about something:
Part of me still wants to believe you.
take someone's part
to defend someone who is being criticized or support them in an argument
take part (in something)
to be involved in an activity with other people:
They will be taking part in the discussions, along with many other organizations.
Elections were held, but the KLA refused to take part.
want no part of something
to not want to be involved in something you think is bad:
It was a bad idea and he wanted no part of it.
part 2 [ part ] verb *
1. ) intransitive or transitive to move away from someone or something and leave a space, or to move two things or two sections of a single unit away from each other so that there is a space between them:
The crowd had parted to let them through.
Tony bent to look out of the window, parting the curtains with one hand.
2. ) intransitive if two people part, or if one person parts from another, they go away from each other:
They parted at the train station.
a ) if two people part, or if one person parts from another, their relationship is ended:
In the end, we parted amicably.
3. ) transitive to make a line on your head by brushing or COMBING your hair in two different directions:
Her dark hair was parted down the middle.
be parted (from someone)
to be prevented from being with someone you want to be with:
They had never been parted before.
Being parted from his family made him feel homesick.
part company (with someone)
1. ) to go away from each other:
We parted company in Grand Central Station.
2. ) to end a relationship:
We parted company in 1997.
3. ) to disagree about something with someone who you have agreed with until now:
There was one issue where I parted company with the committee.
`part with phrasal verb transitive
part with something to give something to someone although you would prefer to keep it:
I don't want to part with any of my books.
part 3 [ part ] adverb
part..., part...
a mixture of two or more things:
Their feelings were part excitement, part fear.
I am part Russian, part English.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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